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Back-foaming instrument panel­

The requirements for modern mold carriers for instrument panel back-foaming are versatile and complex. Our molds are designed specifically for your application.


  • All-electric drive concept: electric drives are used for all e-drive model movements
  • The fast and precise opening and closing movements increase efficiency in instrument panel back foaming. Short cycle times due to simultaneous driving and swivel motions, particularly in conjunction with tower tilt option
  • Standardized modular designs ensure short installation and commissioning times
  • By not using hydraulic components, users benefit from increased cleanliness and reduced maintenance expenses
  • Mold carriers for instrument panel back-foaming for private cars and for

Core Features

  • Highly automated systems engineering as a stationary system or for integrating into a rotary table concept
  • All swivel movements and the parallel stroke are carried out via electric motors
  • Pneumatic clamping force buildup
  • Maximum mold installation with in special 2,500 mm version
  • Users benefit from excellent accessibility on the front and rear side with the best user friendliness
  • Open mold pouring using robot or closed mold pouring with installed mixing head


Mold carrier for instrument panel back-foaming for both cars and trucks
Mold carrier for instrument panel back-foaming for both cars and trucks


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