Insulation transfer mixing head

Insulation transfer mixing head open overlay

Cartridge system

Maintenance-friendly cartridge technology for easy replacement of the nozzle elements

Mixing heads for major appliances and rigid foam processing

The I series of transfer mixing heads have been developed and optimized for the specific requirements of PU rigid foam processing.

Core features

  • Mixing the raw material components in a high-pressure, counterflow injection process
  • Self-cleaning mixing head
  • Cartridge system simplifies changing nozzle elements
  • High output capacity and long outlet pipe
  • Hydraulically strengthened design
  • Nitrogen purging can be integrated directly at the mixing head
  • Optional mixing head flushing unit

Benefits for the customer

Exceptional reliability and long service life
Very high number of shots and performance from a process technology standpoint
High flexibility in nozzle technology
Self-cleaning, maintenance-friendly design


Major appliances
Major appliances