Foaming tools for LFI

Foaming tools for LFI open overlay

Polishable tool steel

open overlay

Rotary sealing surface

open overlay

Positioning of inserts

open overlay

Polished to a high gloss

Outstanding product quality

Adaptation to customer and part requirements is possible thanks to the standardized mold moving unit. Heat-balanced for optimal curing cycle Mold made of polishable tool steel or high-strength aluminum for excellent surface quality

Core features

  • Designed for open mold pouring
  • Polished surfaces for achieving high surface quality
  • Drilled with deep holes for good temperature control in the mold
  • Installation insert parts are positioned right in the mold and foamed in the process without an additional work step


Benefits for the customer

Optimized overall height for use in clamping unit shuttle
Flexible mold configuration and adaptation to customer-specific requirements
User-friendly thanks to easy accessibility of all components
Variety of sealing and venting technology available
High-gloss polish available for high surface quality


Automotive exterior
Agricultural technology
Automotive interior