MKE-3B mixing head

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MKE-3B mixing head - T-injection technology

T-injection technology

  • T-injection results in two mixing fronts
  • Hydraulic, positive controlled deceleration pins ensure a laminar and splash-free mixture output
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MKE-3B mixing head - Self-cleaning linear mixing head

Self-cleaning linear mixing head

  • 3 nozzles for 2 components
  • Very quick shot sequence
  • Self-cleaning mixing head

Cost-effective alternative for laminar mixture output

The special tried-and-tested mixing approach from the MKE-3B mixing head provides very even laminar polyurethane flow and excellent mixing. T-mixing is highly efficient because the dual mixing fronts make sure injection energy translates into excellent mixing quality. It ensures balanced conditions in the mixing chamber, so that virtually no turbulence occurs outside of the mixing center point. Contact pins ensure non-turbulent flow and enhanced mixing effectiveness by employing the principles of hydraulic flow.

Core features

  • Mixing the raw material components in a T-mixing process
  • Self-cleaning mixing head
  • 3 nozzles for 2 components
  • Rapid shot sequences: Opening and closing in under 0.5 s
  • Simple, reliable hydraulic positive action control

Benefits for the customer

Exceptional reliability and long service life
Very high number of shots and the ability to process higher viscosities
Laminar and splash-free mixture output
Self-cleaning, maintenance-friendly design


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