Molds for soft foam applications

Molds for soft foam applications open overlay

Proven electric drive concept

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Compact mold moving unit

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Large swivel range for optimum accessibility

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Controllable venting through flexible sealing systems

Outstanding product quality

Reliable, compact electric drives for cost-effective and user-friendly operation. Adaptation to customer and part requirements is possible thanks to the standardized mold moving unit. Swivel range tuned to the requirements for optimal foam layers .Mold change possible

Core features

  • For open or closed foaming
  • Flexible sealing systems for venting parts
  • The shaping mold can be swapped out
  • Optimized space requirements
  • Standardized machine design adapted to customer requirements
  • Process reliability thanks to standard drive system components
  • One-piece, compact mold moving unit
  • Siemens S7 control system
  • Quick commissioning thanks to compact design

Benefits for the customer

High availability thanks to standard components
Maximum accessibility thanks to large swivel range
Flexible mold configuration and adaptation to customer-specific requirements
User-friendly thanks to easy accessibility of all components
Space-saving thanks to compact framework concept
Flexible sealing concepts can be implemented - control of venting time via PLC


Automotive interior - Instrument panel
Automotive interior - Door arm rests
Automotive interior - Door panels