Multi-component CN transfer mixing head

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Multi-component CN transfer mixing head - Positioning the cleaning piston

Positioning the cleaning piston

  • Cleaning piston positioning during the shot
  • Variation of throttle position from shot to shot
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Multi-component CN transfer mixing head - Vario nozzle

Vario nozzle

  • Maintenance-friendly cartridge technology for easy replacement of the nozzle elements
  • Maximum pressure and volume consistency during the shot
  • Excellent repeatability
  • Very high pressure consistency with volume change up to 5:1
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Multi-component CN transfer mixing head - Bypass system

Bypass system

  • Hydraulic needle valves for switching components and bypass system
  • Bypass block with bypass nozzles
  • Channels in the bypass block that are opened at the same time as the control valve ensure that the configured pressure for deselected components is reached again for the next shot

Fast and precise

The multi-component mixing heads are equipped with four or six hydraulically controlled needle valves grouped in a star formation around the mixing chamber for component changeover and a bypass system. This allows very fast component selection. The 4 and 6-component mixing heads not only simplify switching between different polyurethane formulations, they also help to improve the foam quality thanks to the optimized nozzle design and the variable cleaning piston positioning.

Core features

  • Mixing up to six raw material components in a high-pressure, counterflow injection process
  • Self-cleaning mixing head
  • Change in output rates and formulations from shot to shot
  • Very short shot sequence of 0.8 s with cleaning stroke and complete formulation adjustment
  • Variable cleaning piston positioning
  • Adjust output capacity via Vario nozzle in the range 1:5

Benefits for the customer

Exceptional reliability and long service life
Very high number of shots and performance from a process technology standpoint
High mixing quality thanks to excellent nozzle geometry and variable cleaning piston positioning
Very short shot sequences
Self-cleaning, maintenance-friendly design


Automotive sector
Automotive sector