MX press

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Clamping principle

  • Compact design with low overall height as a result of the MX clamping principle in the twin-platen design, which has been proven in thousands of applications in the field of injection molding machinery
  • Using proven and robust components to applying clamping force from the very successful MX injection molding machine series
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MX press - Compression function with parallelism control

Compression function with parallelism control

  • Optional: servo-controlled application of clamping forces with travel control on all 4 columns

Compact and easy to maintain

The new SFT-MX model mold carriers with a clamping force of up to 10000kN is characterized by its low overall height. At a total height of just 5.2 m, it can even be installed in plants with low ceilings.
Depending on process requirement, the MX series can be carried out for the most precise parallelism control via all columns with a force-travel-controlled compression function.
It is also extremely easy to maintain. All hydraulic cylinders can be accessed quickly and easily, most of the hydraulic components are placed at ground level and wear parts have been reduced to a minimum.
Both mold fixing platens are freely accessible so that molds can be changed from the back as well as the front.

Core features

  • High clamping forces
  • Compact design with low overall height
  • Highest precision as a result of the optional parallelism control
  • Ease of maintenance thanks to a reduction of wear parts and good accessibility
  • Excellent user-friendliness
  • Many additional functions

Benefits for the customer

High component quality thanks to high clamping forces, rigidity and precision
The compact design makes the structure possible, even with limited space available
Easy process optimization thanks to the user-friendly interface for all mold carrier functions
Ease of maintenance thanks to a reduction of wear parts and good accessibility
High levels of cost-effectiveness thanks to fast movements with utmost precision
Excellent levels of user-friendliness, option of extending with additional equipment
Good ergonomics


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