Low-pressure metering machines

Low-pressure metering machines

Outstanding product quality

The low-pressure metering machines from KraussMaffei are particularly suited to producing small, complex, premium-quality parts made from polyurethane. This machine can also mix the smallest mass flows of less than 2 g/s. They can also be used in the upper output range (up to 7000 g/s), such as in discontinuous block foaming applications.

Core features

  • Universal PU low-pressure metering machine for output into open molds
  • Gear pumps with frequency-controlled drives (for small output rates)
  • Axial piston metering pumps (for higher output rates)
  • Mixing head agitator with multi-step gearbox, driven by the agitator shaft or, alternatively, a frequency converter-driven agitator drive
  • Purging compound tank
  • S7 Siemens control system with KTP400 Comfort touch panel
  • Adjustment to customer-specific requirements

Benefits for the customer

Processing of high-viscosity components and difficult-to-mix systems
Metering up to seven individual components directly into the mixing chamber (polyol, isocyanate, colors, catalysts, etc.)
Faster color and system changes
No need to store dyed polyols when using colors