Oval conveyor system

Oval conveyor system open overlay

To increase the level of system efficiency

Particularly if there are frequent product and mold changes, the optional, automatic mold carrier change system can be used in a system that continues to produce without stopping and makes replacing the mold carriers possible.


KraussMaffei offers oval conveyor systems for manufacturing high quantities. The mold carriers are mounted on roller units and continuously conveyed by the central drive in the oval conveyor system. The number of stations, as well as the size and function of the mold carriers, is variable as desired.
Mold carrier actuation takes place via external guide rails, pneumatic or electric drives. A closing station ensures the mold carriers close quickly, regardless of the system's conveying speed.
The mold carrier's media is supplied via central infeeds or onboard injection units and the power supply and data transfer take place via contact lines or wirelessly.
The systems are low-maintenance thanks to the reduction of the mold carrier drives and user-friendly and ergonomic as a result of the ground-level design.
Continuous operation enables high levels of productivity, which makes it possible to change the mold without interrupting production using the optional, automatic mold carrier change.

Core features

  • Highest levels of productivity during continuous operation
  • Easy to expand thanks to modular design
  • Low maintenance and user-friendly
  • With options for mold carrier functions and mold functions
  • Optional: automatic mold carrier change without production interruption for the highest levels of productivity

Benefits for the customer

Very high levels of productivity during continuous operation
The mold carrier closing time is independent of the conveyor speed thanks to an external closing station
Upon request, different mold carrier positions, which support the foam distribution and reaction in the mold, can be implemented during foam discharge and in the curing section
An additional optimized mixing head residence time, which is possible using the mold, also enables complex pour patterns and maximum foam discharge times with the shortest cycle time
The operator safety is ensured via a suitable hazard-appropriate switch-off of mold functions in the operating area
An additional level of increased efficiency can be reached using the optional automatic mold carrier change system for a product change without production interruption


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