Premixing stations

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Pentamix premixing station for pentane

Optimal preconditioning

Raw material manufacturers provide PU components either in barrels, IBC containers or pumped from a tanker. Premixing, drum and container stations from KraussMaffei provide optimal preconditioning of PU components for processing.

Core features

Premixing stations operate fully automatically, processing PU components with filler materials such as glass fibers, barite, melamine and blowing agents such as pentane. The filler materials are fed in the desired concentration from containers, such as BigBags, into the premixing tank, where they are blended with the PU components. Afterwards, the filled PU component automatically goes into the metering machine's daily tank.

Benefits for the customer

Automatic daily tank filling
Consistently high component quality thanks to optimal preconditioning of PU components