KraussMaffei presents efficient machine technology for high demands

All-electric EX injection molding machine manufactures mass-produced medical goods
KraussMaffei presents efficient machine technology for high demands - Picture Main

KraussMaffei will demonstrate the efficiency of modern injection molding machines in the manufacture of medical goods at Interplastica 2012 in Moscow (Stand FE29). During a live demonstration, an all-electric EX 160-750 CleanForm will produce so-called "twist-off bodies" made of polypropylene in a 24-cavity mold.

High precision ensures top-quality products

The all-electric EX is predestined for the production of complex moldings and offers maximum dynamics and precision. When multi-cavity molds are used to manufacture mass-produced medical goods, the challenge involves high shot weight and high platen parallelism in order to prevent flash. The EX series scores here with precise platen control guaranteeing exact parallelism at all times. "Thanks to the metering accuracy of the all-electric plasticizing unit, the mold cavities can be filled precisely without overfeeding", confirmed Hans Malinowski, Product Manager for all-electric machines at KraussMaffei. "The outcome is improved product quality and minimized mold wear."

EX CleanForm

Uncompromisingly geared towards cleanliness, efficiency and precision, the machines can be used up to cleanroom class A according to GMP. "We offer customers excellent value-added through our CleanForm GMP solution. Production costs can therefore be reduced by up to 25 per cent by, for example, transferring the produced parts to sterile packaging directly after demolding. This means that subsequent sterilization is no longer required", explained Schleiss. "Another unique feature is the excellent accessibility of all machine areas for the obligatory cleaning cycles in the cleanroom."A closed oil lubrication system supplies the pivot points of the Z toggle and prevents lubricants from leaking. Fewer pivot points, all completely encapsulated, and tiebars that no longer act as guides for the moving platen eliminate potential sources of impurity. The production cell therefore operates virtually without particles or thermal emissions.

EX Series especially suitable for applications in medicine and packaging

The impressive features of the machine are its efficiency, fast speed and uncompromising design in regard to cleanliness. It is therefore ideally suited to precise and cost-effective production in the medical and packaging industries. The unique Z toggle ensures fast mold movements of the clamping side while direct operating principles of the plasticizing and injection unit lead to maximum process accuracy. Since every axis of the EX has its own electric drive unit, both the injection unit and the ejector can be operated in parallel. Once again this reduces the cycle times. Since the EX machines can be equipped with numerous injection units, they are suitable for the production of small precision parts and for production in the high-performance segment with high shot weight and material throughput with a short cycle time.