Premium quality surface and touch control in one shot

KraussMaffei presents compact injection molding cell at EuroMold 2012

(Munich, November 23, 2012) At the EuroMold in Frankfurt (November 27-30, 2012) at the booth of roth Werkzeugbau GmbH (Hall 8.0 – Booth B 120), KraussMaffei presents a compact injection molding cell for the production of high-quality, decorated covers with integrated touch function in a single shot.
Premium quality surface and touch control in one shot  - Picture Main

Focus on premium quality surfaces

The basis is a hydraulic 2-platen machine of type CX 160-750 with an IR automation solution on a preinstalled robot platform, including a processing cell of type RoDeFlash.  The machine produces a touch panel with a premium quality film surface in the classic In Mold Decoration (IMD) process with film throughput. In this process, an additional sensor is inserted into the mold and back injected. The emerging product is a ready-to-install operating panel that only has to connected to the controller. All other functions are already integrated in the injection molding process. "This solution is especially suitable for parts with high demands on the surface and integrated functions in a small space", confirms Marco Roth, Managing Director of roth Werkzeugbau GmbH, "as is often required in the automotive industry in vehicle interiors or the electrical/electronics industry for mobile devices."

Proven dual platen technology with large working area

"Machines in the CX series have been impressing customers for many years in hard production use. They combine compact assembly dimensions with easy accessibility and a large amount of space for peripherals", said Frank Peters, Vice President Sales at KraussMaffei. The fully hydraulic dual platen clamping system symmetrically introduces the clamping force into the mold and generates optimum holding of the mold. Easy accessibility to the self-supporting clamp weighing up to 160 tonnes permits transportation of the parts in all four directions and provides a great deal of space under the mold area for peripherals such as conveyor belts or heat-balancing units. In this application example, this facilitates the integration of the film throughput for the decoration side and the insertion of the functional film and molded part removal.

Pre-installed robot platform quickly ready to start production

Insertion and removal is taken over by an industrial robot installed together with all other automation components, including the protective housing, on a transportable robot platform. Installed, calibrated and put into operation directly at KraussMaffei and then delivered as a ready-for-production cell directly to the machine at the customer's, it only has to be docked to the machine and it is immediately ready for operation. Processors benefit from simple assembly and quick and easy commissioning. They also save costs and can start their production earlier. The robot platform also offers greater flexibility with changing production tasks if the robot is needed on another machine at a later stage. It is sufficient to move the robot platform on a stacker to another machine. Since all positions are firmly anchored to one another, the automation cell only requires a short restart time and can recommence production almost immediately. 

Production cell, automation and final processing from a single source

KraussMaffei supplies the complete machine, automation and final processing equipment for the entire process chain from a single source. A processing cell of type RoDeFlash is used for final processing. It is specially designed to meet the requirements of decorated components and can be easily integrated in automated production lines. This guarantees an automated and thus reliable process combined with a constant high level of component quality. A mold monitoring system and safe extraction of dust and chips also make a contribution in this area. Robot-guided processing permits easy and fast conversion to different components.

Competence in PU foam molds

KraussMaffei molds can be used for all processing technologies such as casting, foaming and back-foaming of molded parts. They are custom-designed for individual applications and perfectly tuned to the respective production requirements. The molds are available in versions made of steel, aluminium and synthetic resin.

Premium quality surface and touch control in one shot  - Picture 1
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