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Slider assembly

Customized precision cutting units tailored to the product. Knife, stamper, scraper.

The use of various circuit assignments makes it possible to represent complex geometry without any danger of a collision.

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Chain of systems

This design is ideal for chaining systems together as shown here in combination with a milling system and robot-controlled handling.

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Pivoting receiver/ tool change

Pivoting receiver for excellent ergonomic handling combined with the extended trimming options.

Ram trimming via vertical stroke. Rapid changing of punch tools possible.


The PressStar combines the advantages of a high-precision punch press with an interchangeable tool concept.

Main trimming takes place by means of the ram, which is able to absorb the very large punching forces. The remaining trimming is then handled using various splitters.

This design is ideal for chaining systems together and for quickly changing punch tools.

The result is a high-quality cut and very fast cycles.

Core features

  • High punching force
  • Robust system
  • Guide system with mech. synchronization
  • Process capable of being automated
  • Premium-quality components
  • Very good processing result
  • Ideal for chaining systems
  • Optional: Tilt for workpiece insertion

Benefits for the customer

Optimal ergonomics
Low mold wear
Short cycle times
Low maintenance costs
Variable waste handling concept
Precision and process reliability
Ideal for high quantities
Cutting accuracy and quality
Ability to change molds quickly