Punch tools

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Punch tools - Bottom mold / workpiece holder

Bottom mold / workpiece holder

  • Segmented matrix structure
  • Part and part storage requests
  • Part lifter
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Punch tools - Knife, stamper, scraper

Knife, stamper, scraper

  • Compact pusher (hydraulic)
  • Punch blades
  • Hold-down devices


Punch tools are produced individually for each product. The interaction of the tool components, such as the splitters, is perfectly tuned. The use of various circuit assignments makes it possible to represent complex geometry without any danger of a collision.


The general design of a punch tool consists of:

Upper part of the mold

  • Splitters (hydraulic)
  • Bunch blades
  • Cutting punches
  • Scrapers

Bottom part of the mold

  • Workpiece holder
  • Dies
  • Part lifters (pneumatic)
  • Sensors