RimStar CCM

For optimal temperature control at low output rates

Outstanding product quality

Precise, reliable, user-friendly and economical in operation. This is what distinguishes our RimStar series. Extensive machine flexibility is our guiding light. RimStar CCM machines guarantee optimal temperature control for raw materials. Even small output rates are mixed perfectly and poured into the mold cavity without bubbles. Thanks to its modular design, it supports flexible configuration, allowing it to be tailored to customer-specific requirements.

Core features

  • Vacuum-aided storage tank system
  • Steady, highly accurate temperature control with constant operating point
  • Energy-efficient heating concept
  • Direct heating of machine components which carry material
  • Patented cavity pressure regulation during filling procedure

Benefits for the customer

High process reliability thanks to innovative machine technology
Outstanding component quality thanks to precise control technology
High production reliability thanks to continuous system monitoring and precise temperature control
Optima cavity filling thanks to patented cavity pressure regulation
High energy efficiency due to enclosure for high-temperature components