RimStar Nano

Precise, reliable, user-friendly and economical in operation. This is what distinguishes our RimStar series.

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Measuring, controlling, regulating

  • Ensuring the process capability of the machine
  • Detection of process parameters using conventional sensors
  • Volume flow
  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Frequency-regulated drives as the basis for a closed loop system
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RimStar Nano - Exact metering of small output rates

Exact metering of small output rates

  • Small, one-piece machine frame with vertical design
  • Axial piston metering pumps with magnetic coupling adapted to PU and reactive systems
  • Selection of pump sizes 4 and 8 l/min
  • Hybrid version possible (piston metering)
  • Precise and reliable metering
  • Significantly increased service life
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RimStar Nano - Perfect conditioning of small tank volumes

Perfect conditioning of small tank volumes

  • Tried-and-tested tank concept with double-walled agitator tank
  • Double-walled agitator tank for constant component temperature
  • Tank temperature control using mold temperature controllers
  • Tank with agitator and level monitoring
  • Option for connecting additional components

Outstanding product quality

Precise, reliable, user-friendly and economical in operation. These properties define our RimStar series. The core idea behind the design is having immense machine flexibility, meaning that the RimStar can be used in many applications in PU processing. Thanks to its modular design, it supports flexible configuration, allowing it to be tailored to customer-specific requirements. The RimStar Nano has been developed specifically for small output rates and minimal space requirements.

Core features

  • Reduced pipe lengths between the tank and high-pressure pump as well as the filter and volume flow meter in the high-pressure area
  • Faster and simpler material changes
  • High-pressure metering pumps designed specifically for polyurethane processing
  • Disruption-free polyurethane processing thanks to special filter systems
  • Process reliability thanks to volume flow measurement
  • One-piece, space-saving engineering framework
  • Siemens S7 control system optionally with TP700 Comfort, TP1200 Comfort or PUC08 process data acquisition
  • Control cabinet installed on the frame
  • Adjustment to customer-specific requirements

Benefits for the customer

High process reliability thanks to innovative machine technology
Outstanding component quality thanks to precise control technology
Maximum reliability and availability
Flexible system configuration and adaptation to customer-specific requirements
Minimal space requirements thanks to compact framework concept (vertical metering pump set-up)