RimStar RTM

For systems with tough processing temperature requirements

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RimStar RTM - Release agent unit

Release agent unit

  • Release agent as a third component
  • Metering release agent right at the mixing head
  • Self-cleaning mixing head principle
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RimStar RTM - Enclosure for high-temperature components

Enclosure for high-temperature components

  • Axial piston metering pumps with magnetic coupling adapted to epoxy and PU systems
  • Selection of various pump sizes depending on the customer application and range of mixing heads
  • Precise and reliable metering
  • Noticeably longer service life
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RimStar RTM - Recording process parameters

Recording process parameters

  • Ensuring the process capability of the machine
  • Using conventional sensors
  • Volume flow
  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Frequency-regulated drives as the basis for a closed loop system

Outstanding product quality

Precise, reliable, user-friendly and economical in operation. These properties define our RimStar series. Extensive machine flexibility is the guiding principle. Systems with demanding processing temperature requirements can be metered to perfection with RimStar RTM metering machines. Thanks to its modular design, it supports flexible configuration, allowing it to be tailored to customer-specific requirements.

Core features

  • Special vacuum-aided storage tank system
  • Steady, highly accurate temperature control with constant operating point
  • Energy-efficient heating concept
  • Optimized pumps, suitable for even corrosive media
  • Direct heating of machine components which carry material
  • Metering systems for all available matrix systems (epoxy, PU)

Benefits for the customer

High process reliability thanks to innovative machine technology
Outstanding component quality thanks to precise control technology
High production reliability thanks to continuous system monitoring and precise temperature control
Usable for a variety of systems – epoxy and polyurethane
High energy efficiency due to enclosure for high-temperature components