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Deflashing - Deflashing tool

Deflashing tool

  • Deflashing tool for removing left-over bits of paint from parts that have been back-injected with film.
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Deflashing - Extraction


  • The workpiece holder is equipped with an extraction system, ensuring that loosened particles are captured by the flow and removed.
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Deflashing - Operating area

Operating area

  • The feed-in area (push tray) is designed to be extremely ergonomic and provides an equally excellent setup for an automated feed unit.
  • The workpiece holders can be replaced with other holders.
  • Numerous programs can be created and stored for additional product parts.


Deflashing parts back-injected with film involves the fully automated removal of left-over bits of paint. This occurs using a special deflashing tool that is guided along the part contour by an industrial robot.

The system enclosure is equipped with a suspended robot to save space in the standard variant. The use of two product holding carriages per robot makes it possible to always have a product part in the system interior for processing.

Core features

  • Process capable of being automated
  • Premium-quality components
  • Very good processing result
  • Integration into a chain of systems
  • Single and multi-plex enclosure(s)
  • Cold process for the most delicate components
  • Ability to process complex geometries
  • Optional expansion through addition of UV radiation treatment (paint curing)

Benefits for the customer

Process-reliable and cost-effective
Environment is kept clear of fine dust
Large-format enclosure ionization
Quick (form) mold change
Compact, modular design
Automatic extraction


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