Routing Star milling machines

The RoutingStar from KraussMaffei is a top-of-the-line milling machine.
It is designed for processing simple and complex plastic parts. 

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Routing Star milling machines - Operating area

Operating area

  • The feed-in area is designed to be extremely ergonomic and provides an equally excellent setup for an automated feed unit.
  • The majority of the waste in the operating area is collected in the available waste tray and fed to the central waste system inside the machine.
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Routing Star milling machines - Rotary double door / wall

Rotary double door / wall

Our RoutingStar milling machine is equipped standard with rotary double doors in the front operating area. The large acrylic windows provide a wide vantage point of the current status of workpiece holder in the operating area. The rotary wall of the machine rotates vertically and consists of two large holder areas.

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Routing Star milling machines - Milling tool / spindle

Milling tool / spindle

  • KraussMaffei uses premium quality spindles and milling tools as its standard.
  • Milling tools 6 mm in diameter are used for normal cutting dimensions.
  • Generally, a smaller milling tool (d=2-3 mm) is used in the carrier for scoring airbags.
  • Optionally, a suction bell is available that extracts the chips right after the cutting process

Standard version

  • Rugged, mobile cell
  • Swinging door with large viewing windows
  • Waste tray in the infeed area
  • Control unit on the swivel arm
  • Vertical turntable with vertical rotation
  • Industrial robots as motion machines
  • High-frequency milling spindles
  • Waste transport system
  • Tested accessibility through simulation

Core features

  • Compact and mobile system design
  • Process capable of being automated
  • Premium-quality components
  • Very good processing result
  • Integration into a chain of systems
  • Swinging door, optional roll-down gate
  • Vertical rotation of the separating wall
  • Waste transport systems
  • Milling head breakage monitoring and length measurement
  • Automatic mold change
  • Multiple robot use (up to 3)

Benefits for the customer

High productivity
Compact and mobile system design
Process-parallel infeed
Ability to process complex geometry
Features process reliability and repeatability
Flexibility in defining the cutting task
Many add-on options