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Sandwich panel foaming

Panels for houses, refrigerated trucks and containers, cold rooms with different outer layer materials (metal sheet, plywood and wood, plastic, glass, plasterboard). With single or multi-daylight foaming presses with dimensions widths up to 4 meters and lenghtsh up to 16 meter.


  • Presses for different foaming applications: in open or closed mould and both foaming systems combined
  • Possibility to foam PUR and PIR with various blowing agents, including pentane
  • Dimensional stability for product quality and resistance
  • In-house design for tailored solutions
  • Extensive expertise and know how based on long term experience
  • Highly flexible equipments for production from few square meters up to thousands of square meters per day
  • Thin composite panels for architectural design with thickness 6 mm
  • Advanced temperature management with temperature accuracy and energy saving

Core Features

  • Presses with single daylight or multi-daylight with automatic adjustment of panel thickness
  • Multi-daylight presses with independent cure times
  • Heating with various systems (electrical, natural gas, hot water)
  • Side wall panel containments and profiles with automatic management and design tailored customers’ requirements
  • Automatic loading and unloading systems
  • Open and closed mold foaming with wet side able to foam up to 10000 g/s
  • Variable output in the same shot thanks to vario nozzle
  • Advanced control systems with traceability for each single shot/panel


Architectural plates
Refrigerated trucks
Solar panels
Prefabricated houses
Cold storage rooms


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