Segment rotary table with chain drive

KraussMaffei offers the optimal solution for individual requirements with various rotary table designs for transporting molds and mold carriers.

Segment rotary table with chain drive open overlay

On board the rotary table

Slip ring body, rotary feedthrough, hydraulic unit and control cabinet for energy and media supply to the rotary table stations


The chain-driven version is designed for high payloads. Rotary tables with chain drives consist of welded segments. A wrap chain driven by a stationary drive station is fitted around the rotary table. The rollers are permanently installed to the floor. The design offers the three modes of operation: cyclical, continuous and continuous with foam-stop.
A slip ring body, rotary feedthrough, a ring line as well as onboard units to provide the stations with electricity, air, water, vacuum or hydraulic fluid are installed on the circular table.

Core features

  • Segment rotary table with chain drive for high payloads
  • Robust, low-maintenance and highly dynamic
  • The mode of operation can be selected from the three modes of operation

Benefits for the customer

High dynamics with short travel times from station to station
Position measuring systems provide accurate positioning
Flexibility thanks to three mode of operations (cyclical, continuous or continuous with foam-stop with foam-stop)
Traveling apron for operation with rotating table is possible (for chain drive)
No pit required
Robust and low-maintenance
Less sensitive to contamination as a result of the ground-mounted rollers and a track on the rotary table (chain drive) or center drive with a cantilevered accumulator (accumulator rotary table)