Practical seminar on the MKP

Mixing head and pump seminar

Seminar objectives

The participant learns about the method of operation and correct handling of the mixing heads and pumps as well as the disassembly and independent maintenance of a mixing head.


Mixing head
- General presentation of the mixing head types
- Design and functional explanation
- Nozzle selection and change, including adjustment of foaming pressure
- Hydraulic and electric activation
- Fault detection at the mixing head
- Maintenance
- Practical exercises at the mixing head

Metering pump
- Functional principles of the pumps
- Effect of various operating statuses on pump behavior
- Options for adjusting the output capacity
- Flow control
- Maintenance
- Practical exercises at the pumps
- Magnetic coupling


No special previous knowledge required


Training language: German


2 days, from 9:00 hours to 17:00 hours

Costs and Dates

Details upon request