Practical seminar on the RTM

Operation of the RTM metering system (RTM - Resin Transfer Molding)

Seminar objectives

Participants learn about the design, method of functioning and operation of the RTM metering system as well as the specific parameters for the RTM process and the screen pages for PUC08 process data acquisition.


- Presentation of the RTM process and comparison of different resin injection methods
- Design of the RTM metering system
- Machine sequence based on flow charts
- Functional principle of the RTM-specific metering units
- Design and method of operation of the RTM mixing head
- Nozzle change and adjustment of foaming pressure
- Metering of release agent into resin component at mixing head
- Maintenance of complete machine
- Use of mold cavity pressure for control of the resin injection
- Explanation of the input parameter relevant to the RTM process and screen pages of PUC08 process data acquisition system


Basic knowledge on the function and operation of a reaction machine, for example, through participation in an "RS 08" seminar


Training language: German


1 day, 9:00 hours to 16:30 hours

Costs and Dates

Details upon request