Shuttle mold carriers


Shuttle mold carriers open overlay
Shuttle mold carriers - Upper mold fixing platen (with platen)

Upper mold fixing platen (with platen)

  • 90° tilt for the perfect, ground-level operability of the top mold
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Shuttle mold carriers - Bottom mold fixing platen

Bottom mold fixing platen

  • Bottom mold fixing platen with a magnetic clamping system for fast mold change
  • 60° tilt for the perfect, bottom mold ground-level operability of the bottom mold

Quickly on the go

KraussMaffei shuttle mold carriers are used especially for long-fiber injection processes for manufacturing large area components.
The shuttle carriages are use to quickly transport the bottom mold between various bottom mold processing stations and is driven using a servomotor. As a result, the foam discharge, for example, can occur in the bottom mold outside of the clamping unit.
The upper mold fixing platen parallel stroke is guided by the integrated guide frames.
Another distinguishing feature of the series is the tilting movement of the upper and lower mold fixing platens.
Thanks to their high degree of stiffness and positioning accuracy, Shuttle mold carriers are suitable for positive molds, LFI molds and molds that are not inherently rigid.

Core features

  • Use during large-format component manufacturing processes
  • Optimal freedom of movement for mold pouring robots
  • Ground-level structure without pits or foundations
  • Low overall height and ground-level operation for best ergonomics
  • High rigidity and positioning accuracy

Benefits for the customer

For high clamping forces and large clamping areas
No pits or foundations are required for installation
Can also be used in buildings with low ceilings due to its low overall height
Very ergonomic thanks to its ground-level operation
Can be combined with the double shuttle mold carriers for the parallel manufacturing of various components
Clamping unit design for low loads on rollers, tracks and guideways


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