Spray mixing head

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Suitable for round or flat-fan nozzles

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Extension of the nozzle

Compact and rugged

KraussMaffei has developed spray mixing heads for many different spray applications with enhanced design freedom.

MK 2.0-2K-S and MK 3.0-2K-S mixing head core features

  • Extremely compact design and low dead weight for use on smaller robots
  • Variant with flat sheet die for generating a flat jet for application of the PU mixture to large surface areas with defined spray limits and minimal overspray
  • Variant with air-assisted circular jet nozzle for generating a finer spray
  • Two sizes for different output rates
  • Also available in the MK 2.0-2K-S-L mixing head variant with long-reach nozzle for targeted spraying in corners and undercuts

Benefits for the customer

Versatile use, such as for relatively flat, large-format parts, structural components, skin texture spraying or soundproofing
Material savings thanks to optimal material application
Flexible and cost-effective part production with reduced mold costs


Automotive - bottom of trunk
Automotive - bottom of trunk
Automotive - Instrument panel with glove box cover
Automotive - Instrument panel with glove box cover
Automotive - Floor mat
Automotive - Floor mat

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