Stationary fixtures for cabinet foaming

Stationary fixtures for cabinet foaming open overlay

Ball screws with recirculating ball bearings for more precise positioning

  • High positioning accuracy with premium quality ball screws with recirculating ball bearings
  • Servomotor with encoder
  • Low maintenance costs and a long service life
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Automatic side panel adjustment

  • For easy model switching
  • With slide guide and clamping system
  • High positioning accuracy thanks to gear unit
  • Comb-shaped base for holding various housing widths, infinitely variable
  • Automatic adjustment of top panel and compressor housing also possible
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Automatic mold changer

  • 2-position mold changer with servo control
  • Mold change without wasting any time
  • Precise, reliable positioning
  • Fast mold locking
  • Use of a 4-position mold changer possible

High flexibility and reliability

Precise, reliable, user-friendly and flexible. Our fixtures for cabinet foaming can be driven electrically or hydraulically and adapted to the customer's cabinet dimensions. The precise temperature control is a state-of-the-art energy-saving system.

Core features

  • The fixture is opened/closed using ball screws with recirculating ball bearings and a gearbox with servomotor
  • Automatic side wall adjustment with positioning encoder
  • Automatic RotoCore mold changer with 2 positions
  • Side wall heating with integrated hot water serpentine
  • Automatic top wall adjustment
  • Plug heating with hot air/hot water
  • Fast mounting of plugs
  • Compact Siemens S7 control system with control panel
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Adjustment to customer-specific requirements

Benefits for the customer

Low energy consumption
High repeatability of the foamed product
Maximum reliability and availability
Temperature control for foam quality and stability
User-friendly and maintenance-friendly
Mold change without any time loss


Household refrigerators
Freezer cabinets
Ice boxes