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Structural foam

Functional parts in the automobile such as steering wheel, shift knobs, grips or arm rests are often made from PU soft integral foams that combine both an excellent look and feel with high wear resistance. Designers are offered various design options in relation to geometry and surface structure.

KraussMaffei provides you with the right systems engineering to be able to produce premium quality parts. The system concepts are adapted to the custom requirements and consist of metering technology, mold carriers, molds and the required peripherals.


  • The stationary systems from KraussMaffei are easy to install and expand and are flexible
  • Lower investment costs for small numbers of pieces
  • Efficient logistics tailored to the specific mold
  • Our mold carriers are adapted to the individual process parameters and part requirements
  • KraussMaffei also uses various circular table designs to provide the optimal solution for your requirements.

Core Features

  • Depending on the application, foam discharge by a hand-held jib boom, robot or a permanently installed mixing head
  • Mold carrier with parameters adapted for process engineering to optimize the foam discharge and foam hardening
  • Circular tables with stroke-measuring systems ensure accurate positioning


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