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Final coat applied from the mold: KraussMaffei provides you with a wide range of innovative processes. The most high-quality surfaces come from our machines - reliable, cost-effective and with minimum resource consumption.


Clear Coat Molding (CCM)

Using the CCM (Clear Coat Molding) process developed by KraussMaffei, you can enhance high-quality components for the vehicle interior with a scratch-resistant coating in a single work step.


ColorForm is based on the principle of multi-component injection molding, which has been proven for many years. The notable aspect of this is that the basic carrier is flow-coated with polyurethane (PU) or polyurea (PUA) as a surface material in the second cycle after injection molding of the thermoplastic base body. This provides an exceptionally high-quality, scratch-resistant surface.



The KraussMaffei glass encapsulation is a reliable option to safely and tightly adjust glazings. During this process, the window is inserted in a mold and overmolded with a compact PU system.


  • Cost-effective production of large numbers of pieces
  • Intelligent process engineering
  • New options for manufacturing injection molded parts using multicomponent technology
  • Innovative solutions such as swivel plate technology or stack molds


TrimStar mehr/more


Pivoting receiver

Pivoting receiver for excellent ergonomic handling combined with the extended trimming options.

Ram trimming via vertical stroke.


Slider assembly

Customized precision cutting units tailored to the product. Knife, stamper, scraper. The use of various circuit assignments makes it possible to represent complex geometry without any danger of a collision.


Supply unit

The low design and small space requirements of the TrimStar make it the ideal solution for your component. It also provides extremely high machine safety.

Flexible design of the waste disposal (conveyor belts) with exit on the left, right or rear possible.


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