Visualization – PUC08 control panel

Visualization – PUC08 control panel open overlay

Computer in control cabinet, display in control panel with SDL connection

open overlay

Optional system visualization possible through "open" programming tool

open overlay

15" (SVGA) keypad and touchscreen display

Clear, user-friendly process data acquisition

The PUC08 control panel allows clear, user-friendly recording of process data. Its intuitive, easy-to-understand user interface also makes it easy to analyze errors and faults quickly. The PUC08 gives users a complete overview of the system's current status and is not only convenient to use but also extremely reliable. Simple expansion is ensured by the modular design.

Core features

  • Touchscreen with intuitive user interface
  • Flexible system visualization
  • Alarms, stoppages and shot records, plus all other process-relevant data, are logged and stored in an SQL database
  • Higher production reliability because all production parameters are stored in the PLC control system
  • Rugged industrial computer without moving parts (flash memory instead of hard disk)
  • Communication between PUC08 and PLC over Ethernet

Benefits for the customer

Clear overview with high reliability
User-friendly thanks to intuitive operation
System continues operating even if the control panels fail