smartAssist Service contact at the touch of a button

smartAssist enables worldwide service contact with KraussMaffei experts at the touch of a button. Professional and secure audio/video communication, e.g. between technicians on the machine and experts at any location. With Augmented Reality, real objec


Reduce machine downtimes
Secure and efficient internal support
Wide opportunities for different use cases
Ready to use
More efficient communication than phone or email, faster troubleshooting
Safe use between headquarters and foreign plants
The interactive communication solution for everyone
Easy to use and intuitive App

Ihr Nutzen

End2End secure encryption

Planned communication of the expert

Fast and secure exchange of documents and records

Integration of Smart Glasses (Handsfree Option)

Low maintenance costs

Documentation (screenshots, comments, processes) for safeguarding and accounting

Shorter machine downtimes

Off the shelf und ready to use


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