Background NETSTAL ELION MED (800 - 2800 kN)

NETSTAL ELION MED (800 - 2800 kN)

Highest precision inside the cleanroom

All-electric injection molding machine for medical technology applications: highest precision inside the cleanroom.

Equipment options up to clean room class ISO 5
Highest productivity and perfect precision
Smooth and quiet operation with minimal emissions
Smart Operation to ensure GMP handling compliance



For optimum cleanroom suitability, closed drag chains are exclusively used for the medical ELION version.

The ELION clamping unit is designed for use within a clean production environment. All bearing points are completely sealed and the lubricating oil runs through a hermetically sealed circuit. This means that any contamination of the mold installation s

The NETSTAL ELION with MED-Kit has an optimized plate surface design and special paint that facilitates simple and cleanroom-compliant cleaning.

The MED-KIT includes a flexible distribution of media (water, air, power) completely integrated into the hood.

A comprehensive "options kit" is available for individual adjustments:

  • Hydraulic auxil

The NETSTAL ELION clamping units are developed especially for fast cycles. Their unique operating principle facilitates extremely short movement times. However, the clamping unit still moves in a very harmoni-ous manner.

  • Centrally arr

Thanks to the unique transmission principle with double toothed-rack gear and a highly precise force measurement integrated into the injection axis, the NETSTAL ELION injection unit provides outstanding precision combined with absolute reproducibility.

The patented "clean purge" nozzle hood significantly reduces particle discharge during purging by automatically controlling the volumetric flow. A key factor for cleanroom applications.

Smart Operation is the innovative operating concept for all NETSTAL machines with aXos controller technology. The optional available feature supports you in achieving your effectiveness goals. Guided, fast and safe operation reduces downtimes and relia

With a high-performance and flexible controller, you can get the maximum performance from your NETSTAL machine. aXos was developed to meet the increasingly complex demands of current and future applications. Innovative functions support the simple, qui

The stable and rigid ejector lever mechanism is driven via a highly dynamic servo motor. In combina-tion with highly sensitive angles, as well as position sensors and sophisticated control technology, the ejector of the all-electric ELION provides outs



Smart Operation is the innovative operating concept for all Netstal machines with aXos controller technology. Guided, fast and safe operation reduc

Smart Operation

128 cavity pipette tip system

Medical cups

128 cavity pipette tip system

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