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Industrial additive manufacturing stereolithographic printer

Industrial additive manufacturing stereolithographic printer 

High-precision parts for industrial series production
Magazine towers ensure an automated process flow
Cost-efficient manufacturing thanks to End-To-End-Process
Unique multi-laser delivers a demanding surface finish


  • Ideal for applications in the medical, sports & leisure, and E&E industries
  • Printed parts with a similar look and feel to injection molded parts
  • Suitable for cost efficient mass customization of smaller parts
  • High resolution and therefore smooth surface finish


  • Durable parts made of liquid photopolymer resin 
  • High accuracy and great resolution
  • Long-life industrial laser system for minimal service cost
  • Printing of highly complex geometries


  • Magazine towers for build platforms save manual labor
  • Automated build plate changer for maximal utilization
  • Dual tank system for high productivity
  • Build volume (mm): 250 x 250 x 400 
  • Powerful software for job preparation
  • Dedicated post-processing for the best part quality
  • User interface designed for quick training and easy operation
  • User-friendly ergonomic HMI design

Industrial additive manufacturing stereolithographic printer