We have something to add!

We have something to add!

Additive manufacturing

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We have something to add!

Additive manufacturing

Production without material waste and infinite design possibilities - we bring these advantages of additive manufacturing from prototyping to the industrial series production of plastic components.

Benefit from our cross-technology know-how in plastics processing. Together with you, we rethink system concepts and find efficient additive manufacturing solutions for your individual requirements.

Unveiling of our Additive Manufacturing Systems at K 2022

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The Best of Both Worlds

Combined, additive manufacturing and injection molding can add value to the entire life cycle of a plastic component.

Find out in the whitepaper "The best of both worlds" how you can make the most of the advantages of both technologies for your company.

Profit from the benefits


An essential advantage of additive manufacturing is the possibility of customer specific mass production (mass customization). In this process, the same part is produced in a different form, taking into account personalized specifications, thus enabling individuality in series production. The cost per part remains unchanged.


The moldless technology guarantees limitless design options and enables on demand manufacturing according to individual requirements. Even the production of complex structures is no problem.


With the economic lot size one and the elimination of investment in molds, additive manufacturing enables the production of even small, often unprofitable quantities. Here, cost remains low even for small quantities.

We have something to add

Factory of the future

The future of the plastics industry lies in digitally networked production landscapes that respond quickly and flexibly to your part requirements. Starting with batch size one up to series production. 

Experience with us cross-technology designed and fully digitally networked production landscapes.

Freedom of choice

Demand-oriented production systems do not fit somehow, but exactly to the requirements of your application. They are designed and implemented holistically.

Experience with us the possibilities of the most comprehensive technology portfolio on the market.

Efficient service

Of course, you can rely on our usual high-performance, fast and flexible service in additive manufacturing - this applies in every situation and worldwide.

Experience our digital service products such as independent monitoring of processes and service experts available at the touch of a button.

Mass customization

In plastics processing, the variety of options has never been more in demand. Additive manufacturing systems enable geometric diversity without impacting price or production time.

Experience with us the fast product changeover on a machine and the simultaneous production of different products on an industrial level.

Flexible machine capacities

Properly implemented, plastic products benefit from additive manufacturing throughout their life cycle. 

Experience with us solutions for rapid design optimization in prototyping, for the cost-effective production of small series for market validation - or for the efficient production of spare parts.

End-to-end production solutions

Additive manufacturing of the highest product quality requires the synchronization of all steps - from the digital data set to printing and material selection.

Experience the complete process chain for additive manufacturing - from development to post-processing of the manufactured components.


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