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Customized machine financing solutions for your success

As a leading manufacturer, we collaborate closely with renowned partners and banks to provide first-class financing options. At smartFinance, we understand the importance of optimal financing for business success. Our aim is to offer comprehensive support in all areas of machine financing.

At smartFinance, we strongly prioritize transparency, trust, and a long-term partnership with our customers.

Whether you require traditional loan agreements, installment plans, or flexible leasing contracts - we tailor our solutions to your unique needs. With our depth of expertise and extensive network, we ensure your financing options align with your requirements and provide a competitive advantage.



  • Loan from credit institution
  • Fixed installments
  • Variable term
  • Customer is owner
  • Tax advantage: interest and depreciation are business expenses and deductible 

Use your investment as collateral and enjoy attractive interest rates for your loan financing. 

  • Loan from credit institution
  • Fixed installments
  • Variable term
  • Customer is owner
  • Tax advantage: installments are business expenses and deductible 

Use your plant without buying immediately.
After the agreed term, ownership is
automatically to you.

  • Rates and term individual
  • Customer is not owner (off balance)
  • Customer has full right of use
  • Customer conserves liquidity
  • Tax advantage: leasing installments deductible as business expenses

Through customized leasing contracts
you retain your liquidity, improve your balance sheet
balance sheet and thus reduce your tax burden.

Discover the advantages of smart financing and contact us.



Affordable production with maximum flexibility

Be one step ahead of the competition with flexPay*, our innovative financing solution. With flexPay, you pay for the actual use of the machine rather than a fixed interest rate, enabling cost-effective production and maximum flexibility.

Maximum production flexibility - it's not about owning machines. It's about paying for hours of use.

Your key benefits of flexPay:

  • Affordable Production - Flexible Payment and Utilization:
    We optimize your working capital by shifting CAPEX to OPEX, minimizing costs in case of machine underutilization and enabling new offerings with smaller lot sizes.
  • OEE optimization (performance, availability and quality):
    You produce - we guarantee your machine availability to keep your production running smoothly and maximize your output of high quality parts.
  • D² - Decarbonization powered by Digitization:
    Your machine is equipped with best-in-class digital products that help you meet your CO2 targets while maximizing your profits.
  • Make digitalization a reality - unleash the potential of data:
    We connect your store floor. Our digital products contribute to your digital transformation.

Payment according to actual machine utilization:

*Available in the european economic area. For Italy, Croatia and Romania, the availability of flexpay is subject to a detailed check.

  • Flexible financing costs, depending on the actual utilization of the machine
  • Avoids high costs per part in case of machine underutilization
  • Reduced OPEX in times of declining sales helps to keep margins positive

Sounds interesting?



Get 6 month ahead.

With FuturePay, the future pays for itself.

Here's how it works: You order your new machine now, but only pay a minimum installment prescribed by law, which is 250 euros in this example. The first "real" installment is due after six months. In this way, you secure your production lead now and pay after your machine has already paid for itself.

FuturePay is a financing offer that KraussMaffei has developed together with Deutsche Leasing for you and your success.

Valid for: Single- and two-component injection molding machines from KraussMaffei as well as KraussMaffei RimStar Smart. In our products, all corresponding machines are marked with futurePay.

Term: 72 months


Financing example*:
Machine KraussMaffei single-component injection molding machine
Net machine price €100,000.00
Term 72 Months
Monthly installments (in %) 1-6: 0.25% of the machine price
7-72: 1.563% of the machine price
Monthly installments (in €) 1-6: €250
7-72: €1,563

Go ahead and give your own production a head-start.
Ask your personal contact person at KraussMaffei.
They would be happy to help you immediately make a straightforward
investment in the future. Feel free to contact us about FuturePay.
We will provide you with immediately and straightforward assistance.


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* FuturePay is available for the following countries: Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, UK, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary
* FuturePay is specifically designed for the following industries: Packaging, Logistics, Construction, Technical Products, White Appliances, Electronics, Beverages and Toys
* This offer is subject to change without notice and is based on the financing cost of 08/2023 and is subject to the approval of our cooperating leasing company.

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