New Technologies

More than Ideas. United, our expertise is combined. To provide solutions for all of your plastics processing needs.

Our Vision

From idea through series production

Lightweight construction


Expandable graphite

PX 25-55 Cleanform

Producing the highest standards with micro-injection molding
  • Inline micro-slitting with filigree gripper and automation
  • Continuous monitoring and documentation of process date
  • Smallest LSR shot weights for medical applications
  • Maximum precision for miniature components
Clamping force: 250 kN
Application: Micro-Membrane (0.0375 g)
Screw diameter: 12 mm
Automation: KUKA IR 6 R 900 Agilus

PX 320 - 1400

Sustainable, premium decor for automotive interior
  • Processing in-house upcycled PP
  • Self-optimizing machine with APC plus
  • Perfect surfaces without visible edges
  • Digital backtracking across the entire value chain
Clamping force: 3,200 kN
Application: A-pillar with over-molded fabric surface
Screw diameter: 60 mm
Automation: Linear robot LRX 150

CX 80 - 180

Maximum precision, minimum space
  • Modular, flexible automation cell
  • Reliable accuracy for complex tasks
  • New 21.5” MC6 Multitouch Display
  • Perfectly filled parts with APC plus
Clamping force: 800 kN
Application: Electrical contact plugs with 3 diffrent metal inserts
Screw diameter: 28 mm
Automation: Complete production cell with Kuka Cybertec

GX 1100 - 12000

Accelerate your performance in packaging
  • The new heavyweight in clamping force
  • SPEED Option for extra fast clamping movements
  • Higher plasticizing performance (through HPS barrier screw)
Clamping force: 11,000 kN
Application: 20 l bucket refined with in-mold-labeling (IML)
Screw: HPS Barrier 120mm, 26D
Automation: Side-entry IML robot

Netstal ELION 800

Reliable high performance in medical production
  • Equipment options up to cleanroom class ISO 5
  • Smart Operation: Reliable compliance with GMP requirements
  • Digital inline printing
Clamping force: 800 kN
Clean room class: ISO 8

Netstal ELIOS 4500

High performance for sustainable thin-wall packaging
  • Made from certified renewable polypropylene
  • Tailored to the food industry's sustainability objectives
  • High volumes at low unit costs
Clamping force: 4500 kN
Application: IML thin-wall container

New linear LRX small robot

Progressive. Productive. Efficient.

Your customized demolding robot thanks to a wide range of product variants.

  • Innovative lightweight design
  • Modular expandability of functions, media and sensors
  • High level of availability thanks to intelligent energy management system
  • Maintenance-friendly design allows optimal access to essential assemblies

ZE 28 Bluepower

Compounding color pellets at the push of a button
  • Energy-efficient
  • Economic up-cycling of plastic waste
  • Higher volume and torque = higher throughput
  • New: C7 control system for easy configuration
  • Highly cost-efficient production of color pellets
  • Excellent auto-cleaning
  • Inline color control


The all-rounder for post-processing
  • Simultaneous trimming by three robots
  • Automatic finishing
  • Mobile, compact, and reliable
  • Milling, deflashing, cutting, ultrasonic welding, and inspection
  • Automatic tool change
  • Single or multi-purpose application
  • For PUR foam and plastics
  • Live: Fully automated deburring of medium-hard foam components