Background Transfer mixing head

Transfer mixing head

Versatile for sophisticated systems and laminar mixture output

The high quality of the uniform mixing is mainly the result of the special angle of injection into the mixing chamber. Components are recirculated at high pressure before each shot, in a tried-and-tested recirculation groove system. Transfer mixing heads are available for 2 to 6 components.

Mixing the raw material components in a high-pressure, counterflow injection process
Self-cleaning mixing head
Cartridge system simplifies changing nozzle elements
Optional cleaning piston positioning during the shot



The positioning of the cleaning piston in the outlet tube influences the mixing quality and the discharge behavior of the mixture

Maintenance-friendly cartridge technology for easy replacement of the nozzle elements

  • Arrangement of nozzles in VV technology
  • Additional angling of the component streams in the mixing chamber


Multicomponent CN transfer mixing head

Multicomponent CN transfer mixing head

The multi-component mixing heads are equipped with four or six hydraulically controlled needle valves grouped in a star formation around the mixing chamber for component changeover and a bypass system.

Insulation transfer mixing head

Insulation transfer mixing head

The I series of transfer mixing heads have been developed and optimized for the specific requirements of PU rigid foam processing.