smartAssist enables worldwide service contact with KraussMaffei experts at the touch of a button. Professional and secure audio/video communication, e.g. between technicians on the machine and experts at any location. With Augmented Reality, real objects can be superimposed with virtual texts and symbols, which increases the quality and speed of e.g. troubleshooting. 

Our global support is the basis for your sustainable success on site!

Your benefits

Planned communication of the expert

Integration of Smart Glasses (Handsfree Option)

Low maintenance costs

End2End secure encryption

Fast and secure exchange of documents and records

Documentation (screenshots, comments, processes) for safeguarding and accounting

Off the shelf und ready to use

Shorter machine downtimes


Reduce machine downtimes
Secure and efficient internal support
Wide opportunities for different use cases
Ready to use
More efficient communication than phone or email, faster troubleshooting
Safe use between headquarters and foreign plants
The interactive communication solution for everyone
Easy to use and intuitive App

Additional Products

APC plus

Stability, precision and cost efficiency in manufacturing: APC plus compensates for external influences on part quality. With the intelligent and automatic control of APC plus you achieve consistently high part quality. Calculate your APC plus advantage with our APC plus-calculator >>


The blueboX is a remote system solution that connects all machines to the corporate network and allows remote access to these machines.


The dataXplorer is a preconfigured data storage for the automatic recording of sensor and control data of an injection molding machine, in whose control cabinet the hardware and software are integrated.


KraussMaffei's forensicExperts unlock the value of your data with individual process data analysis and consulting service. Our experts with in-depth domain know-how and process understanding work closely with your specialists to identify the exact challenges and questions. By recording and analyzing high-resolution process data, our experts can derive action measures or customer-specific KPIs for process optimization and advise you individually.  


With socialProduction, the mobile app and web application for injection molding machines, KraussMaffei combines the advantages of social media with state-of-the-art production monitoring technologies. The machines report live to users in secure chat rooms. socialProduction independently detects deviations in the production process earlier than ever before and takes machine monitoring into a new age.