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socialProduction opens up a completely new way of communication in the production area and makes it possible to monitor the machines independent of location and time. With the help of socialProduction you get an overview of the production status, productivity and stability of your machines and are notified immediately in case of important events. With the integrated chat you can make team communication more efficient than ever before.​


Fast, targeted and secure communication on the shop floor​
A product that saves time in everyday life - and does not require additional time
The machine always live - at any place, at any time
Always up-to-date with the machines latest events
Detecting process faults before a standstill occurs​
Detecting deviations within the process before component quality suffers​

Your benefits

Process Support

The anomaly detection supports process owners in monitoring the production process. An intelligent, self-learning process continuously monitors all available process parameters of the machine. The anomaly detection is thus able to detect abnormalities in the process at an early stage and to communicate these proactively to the user.​ Using intelligent filters, important machine events such as parameter changes and alarms are recognized and provided as notification in the machine chronicle. The machine itself also becomes an active team member. In addition, you will always have a detailed insight into important machine data.​

Production monitoring

The machine overview helps to effectively and easily monitor the key production figures for each machine. The integrated messenger makes team communication easier than ever before. Users can send and receive messages within the machine chronicle. This ensures complete documentation.​


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