Background precisionMolding (500 - 3,200 kN)

All-electric injection molding machine precisionMolding (500 - 3,200 kN)

Simplicity meets Performance

precisionMolding – the perfect introduction to the world of all-electric injection molding.

Optimized price performance ratio
High level of energy efficiency
Realization of challenging delivery times
All-eletric clamping unit

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  • Large mold opening stroke with compact design
  • Robust and smooth mechanical system with minimum tolerance
  • Spindle drive for crosshead with minimum mass inertia
  • Ideal parallel force transmission into the moving platenAutomatic central lubrication of the toggle via progressive distributor
  • Electric driven nozzle contact force build-up and injection unit aggregate movement
  • Two parallel ball screws for centered force introduction without transverse forces
  • No one-sided nozzle pressure, no tilting of the fixed clamping platen
  • Fast nozzle contact force build-up (speed & pressure adjustable), fast injection unit movement
  • Fast and precise navigation
  • Easy to operate
  • APC plus functions
  • Enlarged mold mounting platens in standard for universal mold use
  • Broad support of the moving platen on precision linear guides for accurate mold parallelism in all positions
  • Linear guides reduce friction losses by up to 80% compared to sliding guides
  • Tie bars are used for force transmission only
  • High-performance servomotor for fast mold movement and dynamic clamping force build-up
  • High resolution for accurate mold movement
  • Sensitive mold safety function
  • Highly efficient drive systems
  • Clamping motor with brake enables for spring mold