Background GX series

GX series (4,000 - 13,000 kN)

The new dimension in injection molding


Use to your advantage the first-class hydromechanical dual platen concept of the GX Series in conjunction with the single-piston injection system. Thanks to the modular design, the compact dual platen clamping unit can be individually configured with all available injection units.

High precision with maximum dynamic performance
Excellent accessibility
Intelligent and user-friendly control system
A robust clamping and injection unit


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Vario and servo drive options significantly reduce energy consumption:

  • BluePower approach: Regardless of the technology selection
  • Energy Analysis Tool: The effects of changed parameters are displayed immediately and ensure optimization of energy consumption
  • Zero-defect production
  • Compensates troublesome fluctuations in the manufacturing process during injection molding even faster and with greater precision
  • Ideal for cascade injection molding
  • Maximum reproducibility
  • High melt quality
  • Top quality and maximum productivity

For faster locking and high part quality:

  • GearX locking device: GearX locks the machine within the shortest possible time
  • GuideX guide shoe: The ingenious GuideX guide shoe absorbs forces perfectly and increases the service life of molds
  • Short set-up times
  • Easy maintenance
  • Perfect overview
  • Individual user interface
  • 19''-Touch-screen
  • Optional: 24''-Multitouch-screen
  • Simple and clearly arranged operation
  • SplitScreen and Eco function
  • The clamping unit, injection unit and drive can be combined on an individualized basis
  • Proven economical overall concept
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GX series: The new dimension of injection molding

Quick mold change

GX 650-8100: High speed production of pails with IML

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