With FuturePay, the future pays off.

Here's how it works: You order your new machine now but pay only a legally stipulated minimum installment - in the example below, 250 euros. The first "real" installment isn't due until after six months. This way, you already enjoy a production head-start but don't pay until your machine purchase is already paying off.

FuturePay is a financing scheme offered by KraussMaffei in cooperation with Deutsche Leasing for your and your success

Valid for: Single- and two-component injection molding machines from KraussMaffei as well as KraussMaffei RimStar Smart.

Term: 72 months


Financing example*:
Machine KraussMaffei single-component injection molding machine
Net machine price €100,000.00
Term 72 Months
Monthly installments (in %) 1-6: 0.25% of the machine price
7-72: 1.563% of the machine price
Monthly installments (in €) 1-6: €250
7-72: €1,563

* FuturePay is available for the following countries: Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, UK, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary
* FuturePay is specifically designed for the following industries: Packaging, Logistics, Construction, Technical Products, White Appliances, Electronics, Beverages and Toys
* This offer is subject to change without notice and is based on the financing cost of 11/2020 and is subject to the approval of our cooperating leasing company.

Go ahead and give your own production a head-start.
Ask your personal contact person at KraussMaffei.
They would be happy to help you quickly make a straightforward
investment in the future. Feel free to contact us about FuturePay.
We will provide you with quick and straightforward assistance.


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