Background LRX EasyControl linear robot

LRX EasyControl linear robot

Productive. Intuitive. Cost-effective.

The new LRX EasyControl linear robots provide both beginners and experienced injection molding processors with an efficient solution for simple pick-and-place applications.

100% compatibility with other injection molding machine manufacturers
Attractive price/performance ratio
Optimal equipment for pick-and-place applications
Fast process adjustment


motors-with-absolute-value-encoder hotspot

Rack-and-pinion drive for high-precision robot positioning with fast movements in all axes.

High acceleration and short cycle times, No hassle with referencing when starting the robot (absolute encoder)


The new control system conforms to the concept of the LRX EasyControl. The system features a hand-held HMI to allow for fast start-up and easy operation. Depending on the task, programming can be done graphically or using a text editor.

Central media supply allows simple gripper change and provides modular expandability of gripper functions.

Control of pneumatic and vacuum valves and compact main board for I/O signal processing


Servo wrist axes optimized in design and weight increase productivity by saving process times.

PX series (250 - 4,000 kN)

PX series (250 - 4,000 kN)

The PX series is the answer to your requests for more flexibility while increasing productivity. You can assemble your PX precisely to your product

CX series (350 - 4,200 kN)

CX series (350 - 4,200 kN)

Each machine can be upgraded individually: In the fully hydraulic CX series, KraussMaffei offers outstanding compact, efficient and flexible techno

GX series

GX series

Use to your advantage the first-class hydromechanical dual platen concept of the GX Series in conjunction with the single-piston injection system.

MX series(10.000 - 55.000 kN)

MX series(10.000 - 55.000 kN)

POWERFUL. VERSATILE. DURABLE. KraussMaffei is the market leader in large-scale injection molding machines. Our MX Series


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