KraussMaffei @NPE2024

KraussMaffei @NPE2024

Orlando (FL), May 06 - 10, WEST HALL A , Booth W600

KraussMaffei @NPE2024

Orlando (FL), May 06 - 10, WEST HALL A , Booth W600

Circular Economy

Plastic waste is raw material, yet there are still too few recyclates. But there are solutions for this: At NPE 2024, we will not only be showing the machine hardware required for the recycling process, but also new digital solutions with which maximum savings can be achieved in terms of energy consumption and CO₂ footprint. 

At our trade show booth, we will present an entire material cycle, form a short-live medical blood vial to a long-life bottle opener. Starting with injection molding on a PX 251-1400, moving on to the upcycling process and to the twin-screw extruder ZE 28 BluePower and then to the all-electric injection molding machine PX 81-180. Visit us at NPE and find out more!

From medical blood vials to long-life bottle-openers 

PX 251-1400

An all-electric PX PX 251-1400 produces 32 medical blood vials per shot from PP 9074 MED material supplied by ExxonMobil. These blood vials shredded serve as the basis for the upcycling process by the ZE 28 BluePower twin-screw extruder.


On the ZE 28 BluePower twin-screw extruder,  a polymer and liquid color additives are mixed and homogenized. The recompound thus obtained is processed further directly in the next injection molding machine.

PX 81-180

The all-electric PX 81-180 produces stylish bottle-openers. It thus creates a new product with a long service life from a disposable article.



Cost-effective and sustainable direct compounding with DCIM

The current situation on the raw materials markets is putting the focus on a rare material: recyclates. A trade show application from KraussMaffei shows how different starting materials can be used together. For example, DCIM (Direct Compounding Injection Molding) turns three polymers with different viscosities into a new product.


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Automation is an increasing standard in manufacturing and has a positive impact on your process from start to finish.

Our automation solutions are designed for efficiency and maximum productivity. From simple pick-and-place applications to complex automation tasks, from insertion and removal to inspection and assembly, these solutions offer you the best conditions for reducing production costs and increasing overall productivity.


  • Raw material handling
  • Separation / sorting
  • Part feeding
  • Automated process data logging




  • Loading / removal of parts / materials
  • In process steps
  • Precise coordination of processes unique to customer application
  • Robot integration
  • In-situ monitoring
  • Automated data logging


  • Inspection, testing, quality
  • Packaging
  • Palletizing
  • AGV product transfer



Our product innovations


  • Smarter programming and operation with WizardX
  • Prior programming knowledge is not essential
  • Quick and easy basic programming for pick and place applications
  • Error-free program generation


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  • 100% compatibility with other injection molding machine manufacturers
  • Attractive price/performance ratio
  • Optimal equipment for pick-and-place applications
  • Fast process adjustment


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  • Turnkey automation solutions from a single source
  • Optimal positioning and space-saving installation types for injection molding machines
  • Excellent operating concept
  • Integration of various peripherals

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KraussMaffei's digital solutions automate processes, increase productivity and thus pave the way to a successfully networked future. Individualization, quality control, sustainability, speed and efficiency can be significantly improved today via tools based on intelligent data processing.

Live @NPE 2024: APCplus, dataXplorer, socialProduction, smartAssist, remoteAccess, pioneersClub

Our digital solutions


Stay up-to-date anytime and anywhere: socialProduction enables communication between man and machine in shared chat rooms - making injection molding machines, production processes and machine components transparent.

socialProduction - productionMonitor

guarantees a quick overview of the machine park and helps to efficiently monitor each connected machine with intelligent production key figures.

socialProduction - processSupport

continuously monitors the production process using a self-learning method.

socialProduction - liveCare

offers as a condition monitoring solution a continuous online monitoring of the wear condition of machine components - without additional external sensors. 


Intelligent and automatic control for consistently high part quality, stability, precision and cost efficiency. APCplus compensates for external influences on the molded part quality.

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Data logger for seamless recording of sensor and control data of an injection molding machine, in whose control cabinet the hardware and software is integrated.

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Comprehensive cloud-based remote support through secure access to the machine control system by a KraussMaffei expert. Software, hardware and process problems are analyzed and rectified immediately. This reduces downtimes and travel costs - and improves the CO₂ balance.

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smartAssist brings support to the scene at the touch of a button and connects your technician at the plant and the service expert. In this way, faults can be remedied virtually. Augmented reality combines real objects with virtual texts and symbols.

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smartOperation supports the operator with simple instructions even during complex production processes. Guided, fast and safe operation reduces downtimes and prevents errors during machine operation. With the help of smartOperation, even a machine operator without in-depth application expertise can start or stop the production cycle.