Circular Economy

More than words. We help make you more environmentally friendly by listening closely and finding the right solution for you.

Our vision

For more than three decades, KraussMaffei has been involved in research and development on the subject of recycling. KraussMaffei machines can produce high-quality end products from recycled plastics such as recycled materials and biodegradable plastics. The company works with its partners and customers to establish a sustainable recycling ecosystem along the entire value chain.

From bucket to A-pillar

At K2019, KraussMaffei was demonstrating how a bucket can be transformed into a MuCell-foamed A-pillar with fabric decoration: KraussMaffei used a twin-screw extruder and two injection molding machines to create a complete reprocessing cycle – transforming a bucket first into recycled material and then into an decorated A-pillar.

Expertise from three business segments

Under the heading Circular Economy, KraussMaffei is interlinking the expertise of its Extrusion, Injection Moulding and Digital & Service Solutions divisions - because the entire cycle can be tracked digitally, e.g. to record melting temperature, pressure or screw speed during extrusion. 

Our digital solutions