Direct Compounding Injection Molding (DCIM)

Direct Compounding Injection Molding (DCIM)

The DCIM process combines injection molding and compounding in one process. A single-screw extruder takes over the material preparation, which makes the process economically attractive, especially for smaller components with a shot weight of 50 g to 2000 g. Material savings of up to 50 percent per kilogram can thus be achieved.


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Your benefits

  • Less energy consumption and reduced CO2 footprint (production in one heat)

  • Material cost savings of 0.30 €/kg to 1.00 €/kg

  • Own recipe sovereignty and thus demand-optimized material selection

  • Processing of recyclates with higher viscosity


  • Easy process configuration and monitoring through integrated extrusion functions in the MC6 control

  • Excellent melting and homogenizing behavior

  • Good intake of poorly flowing materials

  • Integrated degassing zone replaces drying process




Technical parts

Technical parts


BMW Cover




Implementation of compounding in molded part production

Single-screw extruder with direct connection to the plasticizing unit

Optimized mixing and dispersing effect

Saving of a melting process through integrated compounding

Controlled throughput with the help of gravimetric dosing system and continuous conveying system

Standard injection unit also suitable for standard injection molding operation


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