AnalytiX is the cloud-based production monitoring for NETSTAL machines. Using the innovative analysis tool, you can access the monitoring of machine states and automated process evaluations regardless of the time or place. With AnalytiX, you will increase the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) of your injection molding production.

Production monitoring regardless of the time or place
Current machine states and a variety of characteristic values
Graphically prepared process parameters
Automated process evaluations
12 months data history for all parameters
Secure data storage in Switzerland
6 months free of charge trial period
Available in various languages

Your benefits

Production parameters at a glance 24/7

App for iOS and Android

Detailed data history

12 months data storage

Increase in efficiency

Higher availabilty and better performance

Cost-effective and transparent

6 months trial period. Afterwards low annual fee per machine.

Automatisierte Prozessauswertungen

12 Monate Datenhistorie für alle Parameter

Sichere Datenhaltung in der Schweiz

6 Monate kostenloser Testzeitraum

In vielen Sprachen verfügbar


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