Background Industrial robots of the IR/IR-S series

No limits for your requirements

IR stands for industrial robot. They implement complex demolding processes with a wide variety of grippers and freely programmable sequences of movements for wide swiveling ranges. Six axes enable enormous flexibility, even in spots where linear robots cannot be ideally used.

Turnkey automation solutions from a single source
Optimal positioning and space-saving installation types for injection molding machines
Excellent operating concept
Integration of various peripherals


no-collision-possible hotspot
exemplary-energy-and-signal-routing hotspot
flexibility hotspot
high-security-low-costs hotspot
economic-turnkey-solutions hotspot
no-interface-validation hotspot

Start position at the push of the button

Assembly unit or gripper intermediate assembly

Space optimization Production units or mobile assembly cells

Technologically advanced and well engineered

One contact for injection molding machines and automation

MC6 control system

PX 50-55: SilcoSet

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