Background Linear robots in the LRX/LRX-S series

Flexible for standard processes or special solutions

The linear robots in the LRX/LRX-S series from KraussMaffei distinguish themselves by their wide range of variants. They cover a clamping force range of 350 kN to 54,000 kN, and can be used universally for all types of injectionmolding machines – irrespective of brand or manufacturer.

Smarter programming and operation with WizardX
Prior programming knowledge is not essential
Quick and easy basic programming for pick and place applications
Error-free program generation


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The control cabinet is integrated on the Z axis.

The drive concept is servo-motorized via rack and pinion.

Parallel work on all axles.

Thanks to intuitive operator guidance with visual representation, the WizardX is an effective help for program creation. Even beginners can create basic sampling sequences within a very short time.

The interactive communication between user and control eliminates manual programming and eliminates programming errors.

The robot knows its position: this saves a considerable amount of time.

The integrated control system makes the automation user-friendly.

  • High flexibility
  • Wide range of application

Communication of the latest generation


Compact robots of the LRX series

Compact robots of the LRX series

Progressive. Productive. Efficient.

The compact robots of the LRX series are a reliable pillar for your production.

The progressive design with decentralized control cabinet concept and rigid X axis provides a new form of accessibility. This guarantees flexibility for the simple retrofitting of sensors or extension with new media circuits.

Linear robots in the LRX/LRX-S series

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