Background NETSTAL ELIOS (4500 - 10000 kN)

NETSTAL ELIOS (4500 - 10000 kN)

Powerful, fast, precise

With NETSTAL ELIOS high-performance machines you can produce perfect thin-walled packaging at the lowest unit costs. Shortest cycle times, dynamic injection and best process stability are the key to success.

Fastest packaging machine - Maximum output, best quality, low unit costs
Highest precision and absolute reliability
Best energy efficiency thanks to state-of-the-art hybrid technology with energy recovery
Very user-friendly thanks to innovative detail solutions


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Energy efficiency is a prime factor, particularly given the ever increasing electricity prices. Through the clever combination of different drive technologies, the drive units achieve optimal efficiency values and still retain the necessary power reserves to meet even more demanding applications.

  • Servo motor with variable rotating speed
  • Dual-pump concept
    • Variable delivery piston pump
    • Constant delivery internal gear pump
  • Completely sealed oil tank
  • Oil cooling and filtering within an auxiliary circuit
  • Integrated storage system

The hybrid injection units of the ELIOS series are equipped with highly precise sensors for distances, forces and pressures that break all processes down to the thousandths of each unit of measurement. The RFC injection control system (based on SYCAP technology) achieves maximum control through the dynamic resolution of rules in millisecond cycles. Because all sensors we use measure with great precision, continuously and in a coordinated manner, the machine can optimally control the entire injection process at any time. This is where the lightning-fast NETSTAL power control system comes into effect. Force dependent v/p changeover is the most reliable method for overcoming material variations – and not just during very fast cycle times.

Your benefits:

  • Faster cycle times
  • Fewer rejects
  • Greater availability
  • Top overall equipment effectivenes

The kinetic energy generated during the braking operations flows into the electric motor of the main drive where it is converted into hydraulic energy and stored. Because the energy thus recuperated is used in the overall system again, an energy saving of up to 50 percent can be achieved even under full load compared with an all-hydraulic machine.

Your benefits

  • Up to 50 percent less energy consumption
  • Outstanding cost-effectiveness in high-performance applications
  • Competitive benefits

Ultra-high injection performance is required particularly for thin-walled products. In terms of dynamics and injection speed, the hybrid ELIOS series injection units are truly a cut above the rest of the market.

  • Hydraulic injection axis with rotating injection piston (spark)
  • Innovative and powerful twin-valve technology
  • Electric metering drive with water-cooled servo motor and spur wheel gearing
  • Position- and speed-regulated injection unit movement with torque-free nozzle contact pressure

Actuation of the 5-point twin toggle is facilitated through a clever combination of electric and hydro-mechanical drive components. Accordingly, the basic principles of hybrid drive technology are consistently retained

  • Fast, dynamic travel sequences
  • Harmonic movements
  • Optimally designed drive components
  • Ideal speed and position regulation
  • Extremely energy efficient operation thanks to the recuperation of kinetic energy

The ELIOS clamping unit operates with a 5-point twin toggle and is designed for extremely fast and dynamic mold movements and fast cycle times. The generous installation space offers enough room for the large molds often used in the packaging sector.

  • 5-point twin toggle with innovative dual-drive concept
  • Moving mold plate guided by firm, smooth-running linear guides
  • Mold height adjustment arranged on a support plate
  • Completely closed and sealed bearing points with circulating lubrication

Smart Operation is the innovative operating concept for all NETSTAL machines with aXos controller technology. The optional available feature supports you in achieving your effectiveness goals. Guided, fast and safe operation reduces downtimes and reliably prevents operating errors.

Thanks to its generous installation space and extremely stable construction, the ELIOS is perfect for highly demanding applications within the packaging sector. The comprehensive option package enables each machine to be customized and optimized to meet the commensurate requirements

  • Generous installation size
  • Stable and low wear construction
  • Comprehensive option package
  • Hydraulic mold auxiliary controllers
  • Individually actuated air valves
  • Integrated mold control circuits
  • Flexible mold-cooling installation options
  • Electric supply for system and peripheral components

With a high-performance and flexible controller, you can get the maximum performance from your NETSTAL machine. aXos was developed to meet the increasingly complex demands of current and future applications. Innovative functions support the simple, quick and fault-free operation in the production environment.

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