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Liquid Silicone Rubber

Injection Molding

The processing of LSR (liquid silicone rubber) is challenging and calls for an injection molding process that is sophisticated down to the last detail. The SilcoSet technology from KraussMaffei sets new standards with regard to precision, stability and transparency and thus increases your cost-efficiency. 

Advantages of the SilcoSet technology: 

  • Safe, stable processing of low-viscosity material thanks to absolute platen parallelism
  • Exact shot weight consistency even with 256 cavities
  • Consistently high component quality and thus minimum scrap thanks to APC plus
  • Absolute transparency throughout the process thanks to digital solutions
  • Easy changeover from thermoplastic processing to silicone processing

Transparent Technology Fascination Silcoset Technology

Mold heating

- High heating capacity of up to 7 kW in the standard version

- Heating circuit monitoring

Special silicone non-return valves

- Very good, repeatable closing behavior, adapted to the respective material

Water-cooled needle shut-off nozzle

- Safe process all the way through the mold


MC6 Multitouch

- All functions of the SilcoSet technology are integrated

APC plus for SilcoSet

- Compensates for viscosity fluctuations

- Makes start-up with LSR and HTV easier thanks to special material database

Leading screw technology

­- Precise and gentle processing of silicones

- Without leaks

Barrel with cooling-jacket

- Short cycle time thanks to precise temperature control

Proven in-line injection unit

- High-precision injection due to direct line of action

Mixing and metering unit

- For each requirement, the right range of peripherals

Highlights of the SilcoSet technology for LSR processing: KraussMaffei offers you the right solution for manufacturing complex components

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The greatest precision in silicone processing - PX 50-55 SilcoSet
Coffee lid production with LSR – live demo at K 2019 (Quelle: Wacker)
Every part a good part - LSR processing and APC plus
Chiller and APC plus - Cooling system generates viscosity fluctuations
Color and APC plus – Changes in dye metering cause viscosity fluctuations
Standstill and APC plus – Restarting production fully automatically within a blink of an eye
Live-Demo – Micro membrane for medical applications

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PIONEERS!TALK - Sustainable coffee enjoyment with silicone

Durability and bacterial resistance are just two advantages of products made of LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber).

In the new Pioneers!Talk, KraussMaffei and mold maker ACH Solution demonstrate how this demanding material can be processed easily and safely - using a reusable coffee cup lid as an example.

Every part is a good part - Sustainable coffee enjoyment with silicone
(Pioneers!Talk Video of 10.02.2021)

Feb 10, 2021


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HEY!TALK - Every part is a good part

The processing of LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) is challenging and calls for an injection molding process that is sophisticated down to the last detail. Find out more how to optimize your production in terms of precision, stability and transparency in our Webinar

Every part is a good part - Zero-defect production with SilcoSet and APC plus
(Expert Talk Video of 20.10.2020)

20.10.2020, 2.00 - 2.30


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